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Training Centre

Union Union Overseas Training Centre Ltd." which is located in Bhatulia, Kamar para, near from Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.Overseas Employment & Training Ltd has a training institute in the name & style of " Union Overseas Training Centre focuses on imparting training of international labour, market level to the trainees especially in Marine Trade. The training centre is fully equipped with training facilities and equipments have sufficient area for the training purpose. The training centre has formulated and designed the course after thoroughly studying the national and International labour market's standard. The training centre has highly qualified and experienced instructor for trade wise activities and provide training on Steel Fitter, Pipe Fitter, Mechanical Fitter, Welding (3G/4G/ MIG/6G/6G-R/ TIG), Electrician, scaffolding.


Why training required?

Training is a process of increasing knowledge, developing skills and changing attitude of a person to improve job performance in a pre-determined direction. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the trainer. It is the changing of behavior in a positive direction.

Proposed area of the training?

Union Overseas training centre with the past experience and detail studying the demand situation of labour at national and international circles through the employment agencies of Bangladesh has designed the training programs.
Goal of the training?

- To provide basic skills and knowledge for the interested youth of Bangladesh in Marine trade.
- To provide employment opportunity to the trained personnel, who will get training at the institutes.
- To develop the network for information relating to the foreign employment and employment agency.

- To provide employment opportunity to those who are interested needy.
- To help the real poor through arranged free technical training.

Output of the training

- To give basic skills training and make them able to work at national and international.
- To arrange and provide employment opportunity to the trained personals.
- To make them able to work at national and international level on trades.

Target groups for the training
The targeted area of the training program is all over Bangladesh. The capable and interested to work abroad shall be the key targeted persons. Consideration and preferences will be given to those who are from deprived family. The consideration will also be given to those who approach on recommendation of certain institutions and employment agencies.
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