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Recruitment Procedure

On receipt of demand letter and other necessary related documents from foreign employers about manpower recruitment
We search our panel of candidates to meet exact job specification
In case suitable candidates are not in the panel Advertise vacancy in all well-circulated daily National printing media
Screen a huge number of application
Interview by experts for primary selection
Practical tests in workshop
Final interview by the employer or his authorized representative
Complete Medical Exams including x-ray, blood, stool and urine test
Inform employer latest development time to time
Preparation of finally selected candidate's documents for submission in concern Embassy for endorsement of visa trough the employer.
Obtain visa from the concern Embassy on the passport of selected employees
Completion of Immigration clearance and manpower related formalities
Arrange Air ticket for employee after getting signal from foreign employer
Details information will be given to foreign employer regarding workers arrival on confirmed day & flight departure from respective airlines.
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