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Welcome to our website ...

Union Overseas Employment & Training Ltd. was established with a view to contributing to the development and placement of Human resources in Overseas through proper training since 2002, global network and related services. The company has come a long way in a short time. During the past years it has played a catalytic role in providing alternative source of human resources placement in overseas. Its effective and creative marketing campaign enabled the company to establish the concept of human resources export from Bangladesh will become another source of foreign exchange income.

We Union Overseas Employment & Training Ltd. believe in providing our valued customers with the best services possible. Our creative and dedicated work force in close co┬Čoperation and assistance with our highly trained staffs has shaped Union Overseas Employment & Training Ltd. into a perfect form.

Union Overseas Employment & Training Ltd innovative and professional approach has ensure the company's success in the rapidly changing world of business. We are confident that we will be able to contribute even further to the development of the human resources.

Our Mission
To demonstrate excellence long-term business long-term business relationship in our Manpower export handling. To respond with both care and efficiently to overall needs of all our business partners at home & in abroad on an equal basis, in the key and emerging Manpower markets. To provide for all our valued customers and staffs to opportunity of working for mutual benefit with a progressive, responsive and exciting company. To broaden the scope of domestic human resources by developing a perfect, Manpower placement company and explore the overseas employment to meet their demand.

Our Vision
To be a distinctive, leading, International Manpower placement company distinguished by a global network of long-term business relationship.

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